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Request a Certificate of Insurance in Massachusetts

As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with the potential risks your business can face and the need for insurance coverage to protect you from those risks. Sometimes, your customers want to have proof of your insurance coverage before hiring you to complete a job. A certificate of insurance is a form to provide quick access to the terms of your business insurance policy.

When and Why You Need a Certificate of Insurance

Most government contracts require workers to provide proof of insurance upon bidding for a project. Additionally, a potential customer may ask you for proof of insurance at any time during correspondence.

While a certificate of insurance may not be required by every client, it provides several benefits for your company. A COI shows your customers that you are a reputable business that prepares for potential risks. It also provides quick access to the details of your policy when you need it. If you’re competing for a contract, your COI could provide you with immediate insurance proof that could put you one step in front of your competitors. The chain of documentation provided by your COI can also reduce liability for your company.

Certificate of Insurance Explained

A certificate of insurance (COI) is a document that summarizes the terms of your commercial insurance policy in a quick easy to digest format. A complete insurance policy can cover several pages and include a variety of legal terms that aren’t always easy to understand. Further, a COI gives your customers the most vital details of your policy in a one-page snapshot. Your certificate of insurance will include these important details:

Certificate Of Insurance Sample

How to Obtain Your Certificate of Insurance

When your customer requests proof of insurance, you have an opportunity to ask questions to determine their expectations. You can then use the customer’s expectations for minimum insurance requirements and claim limits when you speak to your insurance agent. Since you already have insurance, your agent will be able to tell you if your current policy has sufficient coverage to meet the customer’s demands. If your coverage is insufficient, you may have the option to add a rider (extension or addition to your coverage) to supplement your policy. After the additional coverage is added, your agent will create a COI and send you the printed document.

To receive a certificate of insurance from LoPriore, you can complete and our simple form below. Then, please upload or attach any certificate sample or insurance requirement documents you’ve received to ensure your request is taken care of properly. Indeed, if you have any questions or require immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to call us after your submission is complete. Our experienced agents are happy to answer your questions and provide the insurance coverage and information you need to keep your business on track.

Certificate of Insurance Form Types

There are three main types of Certificate of Insurance. The type you need is based on the level of protection required for your specific business. Your COI issues an ACCORD 25. The document comes in a standardized template to represent each of the insurance policies. The three main types of Certificate Of Insurance include:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance: This protects the project owner, the project manager, and applicable lender. Your certificate of liability insurance will list the names of insured parties, a description of work type, and a waiver of subrogation.
  • Certificate of Worker’s Compensation Insurance: It is written to comply with state laws regarding insurance coverage for employees who are injured while working on a job.
  • Certificate of Auto Liability Insurance: This should include all leased, owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles protected by your commercial auto insurance policy.
Certificate of Insurance

Certificate of Insurance Request Form

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FAQ's About a Certificate of Insurance Binder

There are many different reasons you may be asked to provide proof of insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is easy to understand and obtain from LoPriore Insurance Agency. If you have additional questions, our experienced agents are happy to explain the details of your policy. Here are a few answers to the most common questions we hear.

Generally, there’s no charge for a certificate of insurance. This is a complimentary service from your insurance provider to summarize the insurance coverage you’ve already purchased. However, if you need to add coverage to your current policy, you will be charged for the changes in your policy.

The certificate is good for the term of the policy unless canceled early. Your policy outlines the insurance coverage term.

All certificate holders are notified if your policy is canceled. In fact, upon cancellation, your COI is no longer valid.

Proof of liability is the most common request. Liability insurance that extends to your customers protects them in the event your work leads to a negligence related injury.

Option A: Certificate of Insurance Certificate Holder provides requestor proof of coverage at time of request.

Option B: Certificate of insurance request as an additional insured makes makes the individual or organization an additional insured as requested on your insurance policy.

Trust LoPriore to Provide You With a Certificate of Insurance in Massachusetts

LoPriore Insurance Agency has been serving the Greater Boston area and neighborhoods along the North Shore with high-quality insurance products and unmatched customer service for decades. Our independent agents are available 24/7 to provide new and loyal valued customers with the insurance coverage and information with the information they need quickly and efficiently. Whether you already work with one of our experienced agents, or you’re a new customer seeking a dependable insurance agent to help you obtain a new policy, we can quickly provide you with the COI you need so you can get back to your business. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to learn more about proof of insurance and COIs.

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